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Noah's Farm Turkeys

Deep-Fried Turkey Fundraiser for Noah's Farm Zimbabwe, Africa

Deep-fried turkey story … (as told by Les Thomsen)

The whole idea of cooking deep-fried turkeys started in 1989 when my brother Vandy and I had our Big A Auto Parts store in Washington, Missouri. In February of that year we were having our annual Big A Filter Sale. Vandy was talking with our Account Executive, John Robertson, from the Big A Auto Parts Corporation about how to make it an extra-special event. As it turns out John was originally from Louisiana. He shared with Vandy about a tradition in Louisiana called Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey. During this era, deep-frying turkeys was unheard of outside of Louisiana. Since both Vandy and I like to cook, the idea quickly took hold. John loaned us his cooker, showed us how to do it and we promoted the deep-fried turkeys along with the filters. It was a big success.

When the Thanksgiving Season came that year we were thinking what to do special.... (click here for the rest of the story)


This year, Noah's Farm plans to provide 300 deep-fried turkeys for Thanksgiving meals for the wounded warriors and their families at Ft. Sam. Plus, they plan to sell an additional 1,100 turkeys to anyone as a fundraiser for our 14th water well in Zimbabwe, Africa.

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for information about Ordering a deep-fried turkey or to learn how to Sponsor a Turkey for the Wounded Warriors and their families at Ft. Sam Houston.

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to Volunteer to help -- clean, marinate, cook, wrap turkeys, and clean up. Help is needed from November 20-November 26. Choose your date and time.

NOTE: Thanksgiving Day is our greatest need; those who serve "ALL DAY" (8am-6pm) will be treated to a turkey dinner at 5pm.