World Evangelism

Offering of Thanks: Sharing Christ’s love in 162 world areas

Followers of Christ are all called to be ambassadors of the Kingdom throughout the world. As the global Church of the Nazarene, you are doing exactly that. Not only are you showing Christ’s love to your neighbors locally, but you are also showing it to those thousands of miles away.

Faith Promise giving is a means of faithful, consistent giving toward missions and most of that goes to meet our World Evangelism budget (5.5% of the total income of this church). Some of you participate in Faith Promise, which is giving is over and above the tithe. Tithing is a clear scriptural principle, dating back to the earliest pages of Genesis. Tithing recognizes God's ownership over me and all that I have.

In practical terms, tithe money runs the local church and its ministries. Faith Promise is a way for us give specifically to reaching the unreached of the world. Faith Promise giving tangibly expresses my desire that the whole world know the Good News.

Outside of Faith Promise, Thanksgiving and Easter are two major opportunities to contribute to global missions. If you participate in Faith Promise, thank you! If you do not contribute through Faith Promise, we ask you to consider a one-time gift for Nazarene Missions by way of the Thanksgiving Offering, which we will collect on Sunday, November 24th. Please prayerfully consider what you may be able to donate to global missions.