School Supplies

We are collecting supplies for Klein Rd. Elementary School

Klein Road School Supply Drive

Donate school supplies or contribute toward their purchase. If you prefer to make a donation please identify it as “School Supplies”.

Klein Rd Elementary has resumed classes. In years past we have provided multiple backpacks filled with the correct supplies for each grade at Klein Rd. Elementary. Anything coming into the school has a quarantine period so they feel it is best just to provide the loose items which they will sort (after the quarantine) and distribute as needed. The sooner we can get things to them, the sooner they will be out of quarantine. Because things will be so different this year, they have asked that we focus on the items of greatest need, although anything is appreciated.

Items of greatest need: Crayola crayons, markers, color pencils, watercolor paint, Elmers 4oz/8oz. school glue, dry erase markers, plastic pencil boxes, Primary Journals/notebooks (which has space for a drawing and lines for handwriting practice), bound notebooks, spiral notebooks, hand sanitizer (any size), children's sized masks and clear plastic face shields, ear buds (go in the ear), and head phones (go on or over the ear). Although Dollar Tree quality isn't good for some things (crayons, glue) it is just fine for the ear buds and headphones.  Backpacks are not needed for now. *Access the full list of supplies below.

NOTE: If you wish to drop off supplies, please contact Aleta in the church office (830-625-0803, or cell: 830-708-8504).

If you would prefer to make a donation, please let Aleta know the amount so that she is able to take advantage of sale prices. You may also donate gift cards from Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Dollar Tree, HEB, or Amazon. The school will let us know if there are other needs which arise during the year.

Please make your donations by Friday, September 4th.

***Note: if your family needs assistance or you know of a family who needs assistance with school supplies, please contact Aleta so that we may assist you.

Call the church: 830-625-0803 or her cell: 830-708-8504, or email: [email protected].