Reopening Sunday!

Resuming onsite, in-person worship service on Sunday, June 7th, 2020 - RSVP. Video by Pastor Chris!

Reopening Preview Video

Church Reopening Safety Plan

At NBNAZ we are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone who walks into our church. In the planning to reopen our church’s on-site service(s), the words of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:3-4 embody the method in which we will be opening our church campus: “Dont do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves. Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others."

Here are some of the actions we are taking as we move toward reopening our campus:

•  Reopening our on-campus Worship Service, June 7th, at 10:45 am - You need to RSVP online [HERE] for you and your household to attend service weekly, so we make sure to accommodate the recommended social distancing guidelines. If we need to add another service in order to accommodate everybody in our space, we will take the steps to do so.

•  Return when you are comfortable - While we are excited to offer in-person services beginning on June 7th, we do not want you to feel pressured to return to on-site services if you are not ready to come back. Know that we understand and we want you to come back to services, when you feel comfortable returning

•  Live Online Video Services will continue - Even though some of our attendees will return to services on campus on the 7th, we will continue to offer live video worship services on YouTube & Facebook Live, so that our extended church community can continue to worship together simultaneously every Sunday.

•  Life Groups/Youth Group - Many of our groups have been meeting online via Zoom Videoconferencing the last couple months and we are presently not permitting these groups to meet within our building. However beginning on May 17th, we permitted any of our groups to gather together outdoors, provided that they maintain health officials’ recommendation for social distancing. Each Life Group can choose to meet on Zoom or outdoors

•  Family Worship Only – We will forego providing onsite children’s or youth ministries on Sundays due to the difficulty of social distancing in those classrooms. We will provide a children’s time in service. Our Youth Group will be providing social distancing gatherings outside on Wednesday nights, when possible.

•  Sanctuary Chair Spacing – We have arranged the chairs in the Sanctuary to accommodate safe social distancing guidelines. We will provide groupings for different sizes of families and individuals. Additionally, we will be providing service on site at 50% of our normal capacity. Currently, that allows seating for 84 in the sanctuary.

•  Church Doors will open 20 minutes before Service – With our efforts to ensure social distancing, our relatively small foyer and hallways become an unsafe place for gathering. We plan to allow enough time between services to sanitize main areas and minimize crowding of common areas. The doors will be propped open until the start of service, to minimize high touch surfaces.

•  Ushers will seat and dismiss attendees. Ushers will guide people to their seats, filling the sanctuary front to back as people arrive. At the conclusion of the service, people will be released by row starting from the back of the sanctuary, in order to ensure social distancing

•  Maintain Social Distancing - Keep 6 feet in-between you and other non-family members at all times while at church

•  No Physical Contact – Please refrain from handshakes, hugs & high-fives while at church to help minimize the risk of spreading germs. ‘Air’ fives and waving are highly recommended.

•  Face Masks Strongly Encouraged – Out of concern for the health and safety of all our attendees, including the most vulnerable in our congregation, we strongly encourage all of our attendees to wear face masks during our worship service. Our greeters, volunteers, and pastor will wear masks and maintain social distancing (though the pastor and worship team will take their masks off when they are leading on stage.)

•  Optional Spaces for At-Risk Families - Because of the state requirement to designate space(s) within in our facility for our vulnerable attendees, we are offering 3 classrooms in our church facility equipped with TV screens setup to watch the service for any vulnerable families or individuals who want to worship at our church site, but are uncomfortable worshipping alongside of others in the sanctuary. You can reserve these rooms by contacting our church office at [email protected]

•  Additional Cleaning & Sanitizing Efforts - Per the recommendations of our state and health officials, we are bolstering our efforts to sanitize our facility before and after our worship services. This includes and is not limited to chairs, hard surfaces, door handles, etc…

•  Hand Sanitizing Stations – We will have multiple hand sanitizing stations readily available in the facility. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the church facility. We think it is wise for church attendees to bring your own sanitizer as well.

•  No Offering Plates Passed – You can give online, you can use the debit card machine or you can drop your checks or cash off in the new offering bin(s) at the back of the Sanctuary.

•  Paperless – We will not be passing out bulletins, connect cards or pens. You can access our bulletin, connect card and prayer request forms on our website

•  Pre-Packed Communion Cups – When taking communion, we will have communion cups that are completely pre-packaged and will be placed on the seats in advance of the service. Gluten-free wafers will be available.

•  No Coffee/Tea or food service - We are operating with a “closed-kitchen” policy. You are encouraged to bring your own caffeinated drink of choice. We hope to resume this coffee/food service at a later date.

•  Vacation Bible School Postponed - We have decided to postpone our Vacation Bible School that was originally set to happen in June.