Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother's Day we choose to honor all women

Mother's Day is an opportunity to recognize and honor all mothers - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

However, we know that not all women are mothers and we believe that all women have value. To that end we want to recognize and honor ALL the women of our congregation ages 15 and older and also send greetings to all those who are not mothers. We lift prayers for all ladies - prayers of thanks for who you are, prayers for peace and grace in your lives, and prayers for guidance for today and tomorrow.

Carol McLeod, on wrote, "Every woman in the body of Christ is a treasure to be valued and honored. Look beyond a woman's circumstances and view the treasure that exists in her heart. A woman is not defined by whether or not she is a mother, has been a mother or will ever be a mother! A woman's definition is derived from the love that she freely receives from the Father!" She goes on to say, "After all, the highest goal in life for a woman is not to be a mother ... the highest goal in life for every woman is to simply be like Jesus. And that, my friend, is something worth celebrating!

Let's Celebrate All Women on Mother's Day

8:00AM EDT 5/6/2016 CAROL MCLEOD

In honor of YOU (all ladies, ages 15 and older) , we would like to make a $5 donation in your name to a charity of your choice from the selection below. Please submit the form by May 10th.