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Comal County Multi-Agency Resource Center [Click to donate or find out more]

If the COVID-19 crisis has left you feeling mentally, emotionally, spiritually or financially hopeless you are not alone. Your community is here to help. For more information call (830) 606-9512

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Few have remained untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. In places where people live day to day or week to week, the measures necessary for preventing the virus’s spread are devastating. A growing number of people are finding themselves in sudden and great need. Those who are hungry, isolated, and sick need your help. NCM is supporting churches around the world as they respond to COVID-19. Click here to Learn More and Give Now.


Since face masks/coverings are now required while out in public, there is a need to all of us to have access to one or more masks. Designs for masks range from fairly complicated to extremely simple. The CDC recommendation is HERE and includes a couple of mask designs. The preferred material would be cotton--something with a tight weave or high thread count would be best--consisting of multiple layers.

If you have material/resources available and would donate masks, that would be appreciated. If you are willing to make masks, but need to have the material supplied, let us know. If you are willing to help deliver masks to those in our congregation or community who need one, let us know. And finally, if you and/or your family need masks, let us know so that we can provide them to you.

And finally, if YOU need anything please let us know on the prayer request tab below.