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Few have remained untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. In places where people live day to day or week to week, the measures necessary for preventing the virus’s spread are devastating. A growing number of people are finding themselves in sudden and great need. Those who are hungry, isolated, and sick need your help. NCM is supporting churches around the world as they respond to COVID-19. Click here to Learn More and Give Now.


With many government leaders suggesting, and in some cases requiring, the wearing of face masks in public, there is a need to all of us to have access to one or more masks. Designs for masks range from fairly complicated to extremely simple. The CDC recommendation is HERE and includes a couple of mask designs. The preferred material would be cotton--something with a tight weave or high thread count would be best. They include a simple design for a mask which is cut from a t-shirt and leaves strips by which to tie the mask in sewing involved.

We need people who are willing to make masks in varying sizes. If you have the material/resources available and would donate them and your time that would be appreciated. If you are willing to make masks, but need to have the material supplied, let us know. If you are willing to help deliver masks to those in our congregation or community who need one, let us know. And finally, if you and/or your family need masks, let us know so that we can provide them to you.

We believe in ministering to those outside our immediate circle. Over the years we have given support to Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels and to the Work of Noah's Farm in Zimbabwe, Africa. There are other groups whom we have supported, but for now we would like to focus on these two.

Family Promise was unable to hold their Bed Race Fundraiser. In place of that they are having a No Show Gala April 18-24. Find out more or be purchase tickets HERE; in short, you order a meal ticket online and your dinner, provided by the Sylver Spoon Dinner Theatre, will be delivered to you! Or you may donate directly to their Emergency Relief Fund

Noah's Farm is near and dear to many of us. A planned Work & Witness trip in August seems highly unlikely as we have been unable to plan. Les Thomsen shared this (and gave permission for us to share):

"Zimbabwe is in a 21 day lockdown similar to the USA. One difference is the banks closed too. However, they are allowed to open "once in a while". For example, on Tues. his bank opened for one hour. He did not hear about it so was unable to take advantage. They promised him that when they open again they will call him. He has Noah's FARM ministry funds in the bank that he needs to get access to.

Schools have been closed for several weeks with just a few being able to do online classes. We have two students at Africa Nazarene University (ANU) in Nairobi, Kenya. A few weeks ago a confirmed case of the virus was a person who live just a very short distance from ANU. Immediately ANU shut down and all the students had to leave. We were fortunate to be able to send funds immediately to our two students via Moneygram. They picked up the money and went directly to the Nairobi Airport and flew home to Zimbabwe. Today they are able to do some online courses with their instructors from ANU while sitting at Noah's home where we have wifi set up.

Healthwise everyone is doing great. However there are at least two confirmed cases of the virus in Gweru, Zimbabwe which is the town where Noah lives and where we base our Noah's FARM ministry from.

I know of at least one death to the virus in Harare, Zimbabwe, the capital city. It was a fairly young man who had just returned to Zimbabwe from a trip to New York. They couldn't get him a ventilator.

On the bright side, just before this virus issue, Noah and the evangelism team planted our 29th church! All praise to God."

If you wish to donate to Noah's Farm, you may donate directly through

You may also donate to either of these organizations through our church and your entire donation will be forwarded to them.

And finally, if YOU need anything please let us know on the prayer request tab below.