Chili Feast 11/24/19

Join us in a Texas Welcome Lunch for the Canton Family

CHILI FEAST Welcome Event for the Canton Family

After weeks of anticipation, our new pastor and his family have arrived in New Braunfels! We want to give them a warm welcome and provide everyone the opportunity to get to know them personally. We invite you to join us for a Chili Feast on Sunday, November 24 following the morning worship service. 

Please bring your favorite chili – it can be beef chili, deer meat chili, chicken chili, vegetarian chili, etc. to share with the church family. OR bring a side to accompany chili such as cornbread, crackers, baked potatoes, hot dogs, salad, mac and cheese, tamales – anything you might eat WITH chili, or anything you would put chili ONTO. 

And, of course, no celebration is complete without dessert! Please bring your favorite dessert to share! If you’d like, please include the recipe as there may be some who would like to be able to recreate your dessert for themselves.

Please join us in this welcome celebration for the Canton family!